Millionaires’ Mastermind Group Trains “Newbies” In The Direct Marketing Industry

CarbonCopyPro, an Internet marketing company that has developed a state-of-the-art marketing program boasts a “millionaire mastermind group” that is the backbone of success for newcomers in the field of direct marketing. This core group of elite marketers that earns multiple six-figure incomes is committed to the success of the CarbonCopyPro community.

Acting as a leadership team that trains, coaches and supports the entire community of business owners who have become members of CarbonCopyPro, the millionaire mastermind group helps home-based business owners understand what it takes to develop the “millionaire mindset.” Each member of the group is required to complete an intensive training and coaching program and to commit to helping every member achieve their goals. Accountability for individual and group goals is part of the agreement as they collectively pursue the objective of being among the company’s first group of 100 millionaires.

CarbonCopyPro makes the task of training and achieving easy with a system that has eliminated the “human variables” that often cause 97% of home-based businesses to fail. By reducing learning curves, taking out all guess work and increasing results for everyone, the system quickly became recognized as the “simplest, most powerful system in the industry.”

For most home-based business owners, marketing and lead generation is their biggest struggle, and buying leads is a costly endeavor that struggling entrepreneurs can not typically afford. The CarbonCopyPro system hurdled those problems and has created the best Internet marketing training available.

After the CarbonCopyPro automated system gathers leads and screens prospects, a professionally trained business coach calls to assist in closing the sale. The company’s sole purpose is to leverage existing results and by using a “carbon copy” business model, create at least 100 new millionaires by 2012.

The Millionaires’ Mastermind Group are members of CarbonCopyPro who have used the system to create success, taken the intensive training, and have committed to helping the company’s business community succeed, grow, and accomplish their individual and group goals. With this backbone of experience and success behind them, “newbies” in the direct marketing industry, are enjoying the same results as seasoned veterans without the frustrations and long learning curves generally associated with a home-based business.

Examples of Non-Directional Trading Strategies

Due to its usefulness to traders who are facing unpredictability in the financial markets as a result of the recession and economic depression, the popularity of non directional trading strategies is coming about. Otherwise known as neutral strategies, it provides traders lesser risks and higher chances of earning profits during a time when predictability of the financial market is close to impossible. The profit potential is not dependent on the price of the financial tool either going up or down. The focus is on the volatility of the prices of the instruments. It is what they call neutral strategy.

Some of the examples of the non directional trading strategies are the following: the butterfly strategy, which buys out of the money call and at the money as well as sell 2 in the money calls or the other way around; the so-called “guts”, which involves the sell in money “call” and “put”; the “condor” strategy, which involves the selling out of the buy call and the money call at a higher strike price and at the same time buying the “put” with a low strike price while trader sells out of the money “put”; the “straddle” strategy, which takes and holds both call and put positions at a strike price expiration that are the same.

Position only becomes money-making to the buyer if the underlying financial instrument has a significant change in its value, whether lower or higher, also involves the long and short straddles; the “strangle” strategy and risk reversals are other examples of this type of strategies. There are more types of non directional trading systems out thee which may differ depending on the market you are using.

Search Engine Marketing Tips – 3 Fatal Mistakes Search Marketing Affiliates Make

Many affiliate marketers depend on search engine marketing for their traffic. After years of personal experience & years of spying on other affiliates, I found some fatal mistakes that many search marketing affiliates make. In fact, I used to make some of them.

Hobby Or Business?

Many affiliates treat affiliate marketing like a hobby instead of a real business. Remember that, there are many people making a comfortable full time income with affiliate marketing & some are millionaires. If you want to get the results you want, maybe you want to quit your day job, start to see affiliate marketing as business even if you are currently devoting only a few hours per week to do it.

Wrong Keywords

When some new affiliate starts a paid search campaign, guess what? They pick the most obvious & most competitive keywords which cost the most, to add insult to injury, they even pick the most competitive affiliate offers to promote! Just think about it, when your keywords cost a lot, even after you make some sales, your sales will never be able to cover for what you just spent on your search marketing campaigns. This mistake will make you lose money!

Direct Linking

There is nothing wrong with direct linking if you treat it as market research. On the other hand, you do not want to build your business around direct linking because you do not have the advantage of tweaking your own landing pages for higher quality score & higher conversions.


There are many mistakes I can share & here are the most important ones that you need to know. When you start to take affiliate marketing seriously & treat it like a real business, you will be surprised at the results you can achieve.

Have You Made These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

Despite anything you may have read or heard to the contrary, it is not easy to make a good living through affiliate marketing. In fact, only a small percentage of affiliate marketers achieve the results that guarantee them an independent income.

One may well ask – why is this so? The answer is relatively simple. Those who are not successful make some common mistakes that result in a failed business. In the following paragraphs I will outline three common mistakes made by many affiliate marketers. At the same time I will describe how you should avoid them.

Here are three common mistakes most affiliate marketers make.

1. They send their prospects directly to an affiliate website.

Setting up an affiliate marketing business does require an investment of your time and knowledge. Therefore you need to make sure that you get the best return on that investment. Therefore if you send a prospect directly to the merchant’s site then you are committing a fatal error. For example, if the prospect buys a product or service then you get paid, but you have lost any opportunity to have that prospect as a client and therefore lost the opportunity to market other products to them in the future. Conversely, if they do not make a purchase you not only do not get paid, but also lose that future marketing opportunity. It is therefore essential that you send your prospects to a webpage (squeeze page) where you can do some pre-selling and collect their email address, usually in exchange for a free report or gift product. This then allows you to follow up with e-mail messages and have the possibility of further sales.

2. They set up a website packed full of affiliate links, flashy banners and other distractions

Such web pages tend to put people off. It is better to have a simple, uncluttered page that concentrates on pre-selling the benefits of the product or service.

3. They fall victim to stolen commissions

Commission theft is fairly widespread in affiliate internet marketing. This occurs when people take away your affiliate link and visit the website directly so you receive no payment. You therefore need to take some precautions to guard against such theft. This is usually done by cloaking or redirecting your affiliate links. Instead of having your affiliate link in the form: “”… you can easily set up redirects in your web hosting account that send your visitors to your affiliate link. Example:

Having discussed the common mistakes and how to avoid them, I would like to add a recommendation that will enhance your affiliate marketing. Look to promote products or services that have residual payment programs. You will need to assess and compare different residual payment programs to make sure you promote those that will encourage people to stay on as members. For example: if the membership site is only selling products with resale rights then people may download the products and then cancel out their membership. On the other hand if you promote services such as web hosting or auto-responders, this is far less likely to happen because people really need them.

In conclusion, you should always try to avoid common mistakes that affiliate marketers make by collecting your prospects email address, pre-selling them to the product’s benefits, and by taking simple steps to avoiding affiliate commission theft. At the same time, you should be promoting and marketing affiliate programs with residual commission structures.

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